Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I have to confess...

I have to confess…I took a nap today. Not any old 15 minute refresher nap, but a 3 hour, settle in for a long winters nap, nap! I’d like to say I feel guilty about it, but that would be a lie. It was wonderful!!!

Hunter went back to school on Monday, so Granster and I spent the day building Legos and going to a nice lunch together. It was great, quality time that I just don’t get to spend with him. Honestly, he is just easier to parent most days. It is hard to admit, but he often gets neglected in the attention department, not by choice, but by lack of time and energy.

Anyway, after 2 weeks of Christmas Break with the hubby and kiddos, I couldn’t wait to finally get them off to work and school. It finally happened. This morning, at 8:15, I poured a nice hot mug of coffee, sat on the sofa watching a little mindless television, and breathed a sigh of relief.

After the coffee excitement wore off, I headed straight for my nice comfy bed. I know it was a luxury. Trust me, it doesn’t happen often. I knew it meant I was neglecting 100’s of other things I needed to be doing, but I was completely okay with that fact.

As you may, or may not have noticed, I have been absent for a while. My life, since my last blog post in October, has been a little crazy. Life somehow got away from me. Other things have been a priority, so writing has been on the back burner. Here’s the problem, writing is my therapy. It is sometimes, my only way to reach out to others who are dealing with the same issues. By putting my writing on hold, I in turn, put myself on hold. I lost part of myself, my hopes, and my dreams, and that’s not okay.

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. They just come and go, and have never seemed to work for me. I am, however, a huge fan of setting life goals. I turn 40 this year (man that hurts to type), and I have a set a few new goals for myself. I believe they will make me a better person as I turn over this new decade of life.

1. I am going to take more time for me. I am not sure what that means exactly, maybe exercise (doubtful) or reading or sitting in my car listening to the. radio or the occasional nap. It may mean different things for different weeks, months, or years, but I am going to do it. I have to recharge my own battery every once in a while!! I have really learned that in the past few months.

2. My time is precious, so I’m going to make it more of a priority to accomplish my hopes and dreams. This means I’m going to have to block off time in my schedule (and maybe turn my phone off every once in a while.) There is no time like the present!

3. Say no!!! Yes, I am a total people pleaser. I can’t say "no" to anyone. However, in my older and wiser years, I’m going to say NO to many more things that don’t make life a little sweeter!

4. What people think of me doesn’t really matter. What truly matters is what I think of myself. I am only going to surround myself with those who lift me up and make me a better person. People who will be open, honest, and supportive. Those are truly the only opinions that matter anyway.

5. I’m going to start living in the moment. Life is a gift, but it doesn’t last forever, so I had better start living it!

I have been writing about many of the things that have happened in my life over the past few months. Unfortunately, I just haven’t had time to get them posted. However, with my new say “NO” motto and blocks of “me time”, I hope to be able to share these moments with all of you! I can’t wait to make 2015 an amazing year! Happy New Year to all of you!!