Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

Ahhhhh!!! The kids have been dropped off at school. My large cup of coffee is in hand. My house is a complete mess from the weekend, but I don't care. The kids are not upstairs screaming at each other. My DVR is waiting for me. That's right, summer is over!!!

Then again, summer is over and I'm not quite ready. Yep, I said it...in a weird way, I'm not quite ready. I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish with the kids this summer, and I pretty much failed miserably. I had a shelf full of crafts we were going to do, and Grant was going to finally ride a bike and perfect his shoe tying. Nope, those things didn't happen. We had a great summer with a trip back home and lots of camps. The kids kept busy, gained friendships, and learned a lot, but my list still exists.

I did, however, get a back to school picture of my 12 year-old this morning with no fights or moans. He is not yet "too cool" for picture taking. He even smiled. Yes, one more year under my belt of those cute pictures.

My 7 year-old woke up this morning, hugged me and helped pack both of their lunches without being asked. That means he learned how to make a sandwich this summer. That wasn't on my list, but I'll take it. The hug also means he loves me, and that is just a priceless feeling.

For now, I will drink my coffee and watch my trashy TV and the shoe tying, crafts, and bike riding will wait. Friendships, smiles, and love, were all accomplished this summer, and that's pretty darn good! Sigh.......