Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4 ways to a more tranquil summer...maybe

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am not a fan of my kids being home in the summer. I love them dearly, but I become seriously stressed out. Some days become more than I can handle. Others go pretty well. I don't know what makes the difference between the two. Truthfully, some of it could be my attitude when I roll myself out of bed. I try to keep myself positive and wake up every day with hope for a peaceful and productive day. How do I do this? Well I fail many days, but the following are some things I am doing this summer to keep myself positive, peaceful, and productive:

1. I found a babysitter who will do some basic cleaning of my house really cheaply!!! I have her come once a month. She does some cleaning, and I go out for lunch with a friend, or grocery shop, or get a pedicure, or sit in my car somewhere until it is time to go back home. No matter what I do, I come home to a cleaner house which makes my attitude immediately better. Plus, I get a break.

2. We have a small patio outside. Every year, my hubby and I have added things to make our backyard a little bit of a retreat. One year, we added nice comfy furniture. One year we added a fire pit and a fountain. This year, we added a rug, lanterns and lights, and a cheap outdoor speaker . Keep in mind that all of these have been inexpensive items from home improvement stores and home stores and we have done it a little at a time. Last night, we grabbed a beer and sat outside with the candles from our lanterns going; the lights on; the fountain peacefully flowing, and the music playing. We talked about our days for 5 minutes. Then, the boys came out and started playing tackle football and yelling at each other and a ball whizzed by my head. However, for a moment, I felt the tranquility.

3. Because of #2, my hubby and I have been trying desperately to fit in a nightly walk around the neighborhood. We can actually talk and exercise all at the same time. He works crazy hours and I have no adult conversation during the day. Neither of us have time to exercise, so it is a match made in heaven. It also allows us to connect for a few minutes.

4. I write... I sit at the computer and listen to the keys tap away as I pour out my heart to all who will read my craziness. The amazing part about it is that so many of you truly understand this crazy life I am living. Some of you have kiddos on the spectrum. Some of you are stay at home moms who feel unfulfilled at times or maybe just exhausted. Some of you are working moms who spend every day worrying about your kids and trying desperately make it all work. Many of you are my friends and family who I am so blessed to have in my life. Thank you for the "shares" and "likes" and words of encouragement!!