Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 2 of Bible School

The kiddos were a little nervous for their first day of Bible School. It was a new church and new kids, so they were really anxious. Interestingly enough, my 7 year-old, non-aspie was the most nervous. Hunter, my 12 year-old aspie seemed pretty calm. I was really nervous that they were not going to like it. I have really been looking forward to this time to myself and hoping this would be a great time for them to make new friends. They had a blast...(I'm doing a happy mom dance)!

Day 2 of Bible School began with one extremely cranky 7 year-old. (I guess bed time will be a little earlier tonight). I figured out a quicker way to get there this morning, so I cut my time until "Mommy Freedom" in half. I actually had the Garth Brook's song, "We Shall Be Free" playing in my head.

When I dropped them off, I gave the youngest knuckles, because he is way too cool for public affection. I gave the oldest a slight wave because he doesn't want people to even know I exist, and I was "outta there".

I headed to the nearest Starbucks once again and drank my second Frappuccino of the week and did some more blogging. Then, I went to the mall to literally "buy mama a new pair of shoes". It was wonderful!