Saturday, May 4, 2013

Grace and kindness

Sometimes I wish we could all get a glimpse into each others lives, so we could truly understand one another. If we spent our lives sympathizing and giving grace and kindness to one another instead of judging and assuming, we would all be so much happier.

We also need to stop putting on the face that everything is okay, and sometimes we need to let people see that it's not! We need to let other people know that everything is not fine. Otherwise, the grace and kindness we truly need from others just won't be there, because we have not allowed it.

 I am a mom of an Aspergers child and my life is complicated. Everyone's life is complicated in different ways. Mine is difficult because of this syndrome none of us chose. Instead, I am dealing with it. I am facing it head-on. I am trying to make things better for my child, but sometimes it is just hard!

This week I have felt moments of hope but mostly moments of the walls closing in on me. I keep waiting for things to smooth out. I keep looking for ways to fix everything, but every time one thing is fixed, another gets broken!! This mama is tired!  How do you live in a place of constant hope for a greater tomorrow when you live with people who struggle with change?

This has been my weeks challenge! What has been your challenge?