Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I have tried to teach my children right from wrong. I have tried to teach them the value of a dollar and the importance of hard work. I have tried to teach them love and acceptance of everyone. I have tried to teach them respect for their elders. Somewhere in the mix, I missed teaching them respect for their mother! How did I miss this important detail?

My 12 year-old son with Aspergers can't seem to land his plane on the runway of reality!!

Me: Can you please clean your room?
Him: You are mean to me.

Me: I am not going to do your school project for you. You are going to have to learn responsibility.    How are you ever going to hold down a job?
Him: You hate me.

Me: You are not listening at all. You are not showing me respect! Tomorrow you will pack your own lunch!!
Him: You are abusive to me! (LOL)

Me: I will not put up with this behavior and disrespect from you!
Him: I hate you!!!

His newest catch phrase this morning,  "You just don't want me to have fun!" Are you kidding me? I have spent my entire morning trying to teach you how to show respect for me and the rest of your family! I haven't even had a cup of coffee. I am having a blast right now!!

I know parenting is not supposed to be easy! I realize hormones have invaded his body. I realize that raising a child with Aspergers is not a walk in the park, and combined with puberty, it is a difficult combination. I just feel like I am losing it right now. I love my children so much, but this mama needs some respect!