Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The (almost) perfect weekend

Our family had an almost magical Memorial Weekend. The boys were off of school Friday and Monday, so we kicked it off with an extra day. My husband had the entire 3-day weekend to focus on the family (not work) which has been almost unheard of since our move.

Saturday was a little stressful with lots of fighting from the boys. Of course, they had been home with each other for a couple of days by now. My husband called the babysitter for Saturday night. He even cleaned the house. I had to slap myself a few times because I was sure I was dreaming! We went to see a "Chic Flick" at one of those dinner and a movie places. Then we took a stroll through a quaint downtown area. We talked and enjoyed the evening of peace and quiet.

I wanted Sunday and Monday to be all about family. On Sunday, we headed to a local state park with a really nice lake. The kids had a blast! They played football on the beach with my husband. Grant and I built a sandcastle. We picked up seashells. The kids skipped rocks on the water. They had a blast!

On Monday, we decided to take a local train ride. It was supposed to be about an hour and a half ride. Hunter had been on a train ride before many years ago, but this was Grant's first time! He was so excited he could hardly stand it! It was a beautiful train. It was a perfect day for it! Besides an hour delay because of a broken down train in front of us, it could not have been a more perfect day!

Grant fell asleep on the way home. It had been a long day for a 7 year-old. When we arrived home, I told both boys they needed to hop in the shower. We were all a mixture of sunscreen, sweat, and dirt from the open train. By the time they were cleaned up, it was after 8:30, so I told Grant he needed to get ready for bed. I could tell he was sad that the weekend had come to an end. Time spent with their dad these days is scarce, so there were many things he still wanted to do. Grant hugged Jeff and told him "thank you" for his first trip to the beach and his first train ride!

Hunter was finishing up some homework, and I told him he needed to get ready for bed. Then came the moment I had been waiting for all weekend. The moment that sums up my life as an aspie mom. The endearing, loving words that were to follow will forever live in my mind, "YOU HAVE WASTED MY ENTIRE WEEKEND. I NEVER GET TO DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. YOU ARE RUINING MY LIFE!!!"

Yes, welcome to the closing moments of a beautiful family weekend with a pre-teen son with Aspergers.He went to bed quickly after that, but not without a few choice words and probably a look that could kill.  I popped the cork, poured a glass of wine, turned the television to my total guilty pleasure "Real Housewives of Orange County" (don't judge), and then went to bed. I guess you could say I made my own perfect ending to an "almost" perfect weekend!