Saturday, May 11, 2013

What being a Mom has taught me

As a new mom, I thought I had it all figured out. Things were going to be perfect. My kids were going to listen. My house would be clean. I would have a complete handle on my life. I wanted to teach my children everything I knew and watch them grow. It was going to be so awesome to be a mom!!

Ha, ha, ha...I was so wrong! I didn't have a clue! Things are far from perfect. My kids really don't listen very well at all (even though I try). My house is usually far from clean. I have taught my kids many things, but I still have so much work to do. Just about the second I think I have a handle on this motherhood thing, it throws me a curve ball! A call from school, the flu, being locked out of the house, being called out by my kids on a curse word, it's always something! Nope, I don't have this whole thing figured out at all! That's the thing about being a mom, I don't think we ever have it all figured out! Maybe that's the point. Maybe being a mom is just one more way for our own growth.

The truth is that my kids have taught me much more than I have taught them. They have taught me humility. They have taught me patience (I could use some more). They have taught me love. I have more love for them than I ever thought I could have for another human being.

No, things have not turned out perfectly, but that's alright with me. Every day I get to wake up and start all over. Every day I have the privilege to be Hunter and Grant's mom and to teach them everything I can. The amazing thing is that while I am teaching them, they are teaching me right back! Yes, I did know one thing early on, it is awesome to be a mom!!