Sunday, May 12, 2013


I had a beautiful Mother's Day! I woke to my Grantster with a glass of orange juice (I later graduated to strong coffee) and a sweet card that said "Happy Madrs Day. Yor the best Mom." I have to admit I teared up. Just the joy in his face for doing such a kind gesture made me proud to be his Mom.

The boys got me an adorable yoga frog for my back patio, and it was so sweet to watch them get excited about giving me the gift. My 12 year-old has lost some of the excitement due to the "coolness" of his age, but I swear I saw a little glimmer in his eye (maybe it was the lack of coffee)!

We left early to go to a lunch. When we got there, there was a line a mile long. We had fought the good fight to get us all ready and out of the house and had driven 40 minutes (with two fighting kids in the back seat) to get there, so there was no way I was leaving! Plus, I was hungry!! We waited in the hot sun for 2 hours, but we were finally seated (with sunburns). We had a somewhat peaceful lunch. We took some really good pictures and then decided to head to a downtown park.

Of course, once we had walked several blocks to get to the park, my youngest suddenly had to go to the restroom. My sweet husband told me to relax, and he took the boys to the nearest place he could find. I sat at one of the many beautiful water features in the park with the sun beating down on me and the sound of water behind me. I would find my mind wondering and I would pull myself back into this moment of "AHHHHH". I just listened and watched and took a moment to really just "be". With everything so hectic and the constant battles, I never have time to truly just take a moment to breathe and enjoy this amazing life.

Soon, the kiddos were back and we continued with the wonderful, but not as peaceful, rest of the day. I actually took a 30 minute nap with my husband while the kids watched a movie. The boys played laser tag in the backyard with my hubby while I finished laundry. We grabbed some ice cream, and finally, my Mother's Day has come to an end.

I feel that every day of your life, you should try to find the most positive moments and write it down, so when times in your life get tough, you can go back and read those special moments and know that life will get better again. Today, I will write the following:

Grant made a card for me and brought me orange juice with a wonderful smile on his face.

I had a moment of reflection at the park. 

I am blessed today with a husband who loves me and two healthy kids.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day too!!!