Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A day at the park

Last week, my sweet Grant (who is 7, and non-Aspie) asked me to take him to the park. Hunter was at his tutoring session, and it was a beautiful spring day, so we grabbed a couple of drinks from Sonic and headed to the park. 

Earlier that day, I had received a call from the school counselor to inform me that she was concerned about him. During a class session, when she asked how full his cup was, he told her it was empty. She told me she holds these sessions with each class about once a month and each time he tells her the same thing. She also said he talks about his big brother all the time and worries about him. It broke my heart.

I call Grant my "cuddlebug". He is such a loving little boy and has such a big heart. I worry what the constant turmoil in his life will do to him long-term. I pray that it will make him strong and compassionate. I try to keep him active in sports and praise him for his straight A's and  hard work, but there is still this hole in his heart I can't seem to fill. He asks for so little, but has been given such a cross to bear. I worry about his little heart every single day. I want him to be happy and feel loved. Some days I just feel like my cup is too empty to give him all the love he deserves.

That day at the park, I watched my little boy play. I smiled and waved at him, so he knew I was there. For that few minutes, I knew he was happy. For that moment, my heart was truly full and I knew his was too! As Mom's, all we can do is take things moment by moment and do the best we can to show our kids we are there for them and love them. Those few moments were special, and I plan to try hard every day to create more of them.