Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hunter and I were driving to school the other day when I saw this older gentleman in a sports car. The gentleman was sporting a shiny bald head. I mentioned that I really liked the car and Hunter said he like the “dudes” bald head. I said, “He must have waxed his head and car at the same time.” We both laughed. We laughed until we cried. It felt so good to laugh like that with him.

This seems like such a simple thing to most parents. We laugh with our children. We cry with our children. We get mad at our children. What I realized at that moment, was that I didn’t remember the last time I laughed with Hunter. I laugh with Grant all the time over silly things. But with Hunter, every day is such a struggle. Homework, baths, clothes, eating, it is all such a battle, that I am not able to enjoy just being his mom.

I dropped him off at school and wept the entire way home. I promised myself at that moment to try to make more of those moments.