Monday, February 17, 2014

Fight the good fight

Here’s the truth about being an Autism Mom (or Dad)…some days we want to throw in the towel. Some days are just too hard. Sometimes the struggles are just too much to bear, but then something happens. Some magical yearning from deep within our belly pulls us out of bed, or off the sofa, or out of the slump we are dwelling within.  We get up and start all over again. No, it is not easy. Some days it would be so much easier to give up and throw the covers over our heads, but those sweet little faces look at us with a longing for love and acceptance. Those teenage eyes beg us for love, help and understanding for what they can’t understand themselves. We pull up our boot straps and we do it all for another day. We live to tell about it (but most of us don’t say a word). We don’t tell you about the tears that stream down our cheeks in the shower; or the nights we have cried ourselves to sleep; or the thousands of panic attacks we have had over making the right choices for our kids. What school should he go to? Should I homeschool? Should I let him play sports or will he be mistreated?  Are those friends REALLY being nice to him? Should I put him on the medications? Who can I trust? These, and many more things, are our daily struggles, but we choose to fight the good fight for our children!

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